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A Better Future Is At
Their Finger Tips

Join educators across the country who are witnessing a real difference in students who use the College and Career R-E-D Curriculum. It's more than instruction, it's inspiration.


Our Curriculum Drives
Graduation Rates

CCR student graduation rates have been no less than 100% over the past 5 years.
All of our students started in the lower quartile or academic middle in Title 1 Schools. 

College and Career R-E-D 
Curriculum & Program Elements

Video Curriculum

10 Month college and career video curriculum for middle and high school students with gradeable quizzes and assessments. Video quizzes are used as warm-up activities in core and elective classes

1 to 1 Advising

1 on 1 advising for upper classmen to assist with test registration, college applications, financial aid applications and scholarships

Virtual College and Career Fairs

College admissions officers and employers inspire students through high-energy presentations on job opportunities, scholarships, and on-the-spot college admissions.


Inspired classrooms.

As you provide CCR Curriculum video lessons you will inspire students to believe in themselves and boost their academic confidence.

Engaged students.

Your students will lean in and laugh as they learn from our culturally-relevant videos. Everytime they enter their log in information they will trust and know that what they are about to learn is going to be fun and edutaining.

Impact for a lifetime.

As students complete modules of our curriculum you will see real differences in they way they speak, interact with their peers, and behave during instruction due to the realization that they can't get very far in life without having an education.

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Changing the World

Dr. Jackson is a high school English teacher who saw a major shift in his student engagement during instruction after using CCR Curriculum Videos

Leaving a Legacy

After being a CCR student for four years, Janelle went from a high poverty neighborhood to becoming an in-person nursing student at the University of Hawaii.

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