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Make a difference that gives back to the community

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of College and Career R-E-D curriculum and services—and change students’ lives!

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Too many teens are entering the real world with no plan  for college, career, and life

That's got to change. And Duval Honda you can help!

By covering the cost of College and Career R-E-D curriculum, you will give teens hope and a plan for their future

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Our culturally relevant curriculum is particularly impactful
with students in Title 1 Schools

Here's how sponsorship works:

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Your sponsorship advisor will help identify schools in need and give you options.


Your sponsorship dollars will cover the cost of College and Career R-E-D curriculum and services at the schools you choose.

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We'll keep you in the loop with updates about the impact you are having on the students in your sponsored schools.

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Thank you for your interest in the College and Career R-E-D sponsorship program! Please complete the form below to learn more about how you can make a difference.

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Curriculum and Services
Partner Spotlight


Baptist Health Systems

Baptist Health has ensured that promising youth in the Tipping The Scale after-school program receive our curriculum,  access to our virtual college fairs, and college coaching services over the past four years. Their investment has led to college graduates who are now career professionals who are gainfully employed and giving back to the community. 


We're here to help.

And we'd love to connect with you!


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