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Our Curriculum Drives
Graduation Rates

Our video course is currently offered in schools and youth programs. Within schools, CCR student graduation rates have been no less than 100% over the past 5 years. All of our students started in the lower quartile or academic middle in Title 1 Schools. 

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How We Unlock Student
Motivation and Momentum


The College and Career R-E-D video curriculum breaks down complex college and career topics into simple, relevant, easy-to-understand concepts.


Students use our video course and workbooks to practically plan their future success by identifying and tracking the milestones it takes to achieve the best educational and career path to achieve their life dreams.


Principals, teachers, and parents, celebrate success as students defy the odds, achieve unprecedented graduation, college, and career readiness rates while unlocking their full potential. 


Improved classrooms.

As students complete modules of our video curriculum you will see real differences in the way they speak, interact with their peers, and behave during instruction due to the realization that education is a necessary milestone on the path to graduation, college, career, and life success.

Inspired students.

Your students will lean in and laugh as they learn from our culturally relevant videos and engage with our practical resources. Every time they enter their log-in information they will know that what they are about to learn is going to be edutaining (educational and entertaining).

Quantifiable Transformation

Each video quiz produces a score that can be used as a graded assignment for your class. All grades are organized in a teacher-friendly grade book. Students can do retake quizzes, end of unit assessments, and receive digital badges for growth and high performance.

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